What is Spiritual Wellness?Kanuga-Porch[1]

Our Spiritual Wellness programs are calming and stabilizing practices to help you contemplate and explore the meaning and possibilities of life, as well as work through a variety of life situations that you may encounter along the way.  We offer two separate types of Spiritual Wellness services: Spiritual Direction and Pastoral Counseling.


What is the Difference between Spiritual Direction and Pastoral Counseling Services?

Spiritual Direction is an on-going guidance and support process wherein meaning of life is contemplated along with exploration of possibilities for healing and wholeness.  It provides space to be heard by a trusted mentor, deepens one’s faith, and nurtures faith formation. The effects of this calming and grounding process are a more centered and fulfilled spirituality.

These sessions are recommended as monthly one-hour sessions for as long as you desire.

Spiritual Direction is a guidance process that supports:

•  Meaning of life
•  Exploring possibilities
•  Noticing God through many lenses
•  Contemplation
•  Calming and stabilizing practice
•  Dealing with health and identity of a person’s spirituality

•  Space to be heard by a trusted guide
•  Qualitative, transformational and directional
•  Spiritual freedom and movement of the inner person away from automatism
•  Discernment…  brings out inner truth
•  Accountability
•  Discovery and engaging in what God is doing in your life
•  Permission to be co-creative with Divinity
•  Deepening of your faith tradition
•  Sacred place to pray and meditate with another supportive listener
•  All parts of life are welcome


Pastoral Counseling is offered with a Christian focus to address specific life issues, concerns, personal growth or a crisis that you may be facing.  This specialized counseling helps you work on thoughts, emotions and behaviors – offering prayerful support – to promote insights, wholeness and impact your life and relationships in order to live life more fully.  This type of counseling also uses specialized psychotherapy such as narrative therapy to explore your past and how it has influenced who you are today.  The sacred dimension of human life, along with a goal-oriented and problem-solving nature, are the combined focus of this type of counseling.

These sessions are recommended twice monthly for one-hour sessions.


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