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Therapists are trained to talk, discuss and help you over a a wide range of issues – from depression to traumatic experiences. Sometimes you may need someone with special skills, training, and experience to help you—a professional you can count on. That’s when you may want to talk to a licensed clinical psychologist.

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When Is It Time to Contact a Psychologist?

Psychologists see a variety of people for all sorts of reasons including marital and family problems, illness or injury, loss of a loved one, anxiety, loneliness, depression, psychological aspects of medical illnesses, addictions, behavioral problems, disturbances in eating and sleeping, sexual issues, difficulties at work, children’s educational problems, and caring for the elderly. Psychologists also assist during a crisis, natural disasters, and terrorism.

Whatever your problems are, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist is someone you can rely on. Together, in a confidential and supportive atmosphere, you and your psychologist will work to understand and resolve problems—problems that, until now, may have resisted your best efforts.